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Dawn of the Unread
When the dead go unread ... There's gonna be trouble

Editor: James Walker | Art: Paul Fillingham
Assisted by Adrian Reynolds and Wayne Burrows

'Dawn of the Unread' wins Guardian Education Award.

Dawn of the Unread imagines a scenario whereby dead writers from Nottingham's past are incensed at the closures of libraries and low literacy levels in 21st Century Britain. They are concerned that if their ideas are not preserved and made accessible, then they will cease to exist. Sillitoe, Lawrence, Byron et al would never put up with such an insult and so return from the grave, in a twist on the zombie genre, in search of the one thing that wll ensure their survival: 'boooks'.

Dawn of the Unread features: William Booth, Slavomir Rawicz, Charlie Peace, Gotham Fool, Bryan Clough, Alma Reville, D.H. Lawrence, the 5th Duke of Portland, Bendigo, Ms. Hood, Alan Sillitoe, Mary Howitt, Stanley Middleton, Margaret Cavendish, George Powe and George Africanus. Ray Gosling, Edith Slitwell and Blakey from On the Buses also make guest appearances.

<span style='font-size: 16px;'>New issue of <em>The Spokesman</em></span>

New issue of The Spokesman

Rojava in view
The Spokesman 135

We’ve heard little about European citizenship in Brexit debates, neither before the referendum of June 2016, nor since. Yet the status, rights and responsibilities of European citizenship attach to all UK nationals, whether they wish it or not. Since the early 1990s, children in the UK and other member states of the European Union are born European citizens. These millions of young people grow up able to travel freely throughout some 30 countries, study in them, in some places without paying university fees, oftentimes receiving bursaries under the Erasmus programme to encourage them to move around the Union and acquire additional language skills.

Those of us who are older became European citizens in the 1990s, in addition to our status as UK citizens or citizens of other member states. Our passports have the words ‘European Union’ on the front cover and, as it says inside, we are entitled to seek assistance at the embassies of other EU member states whilst travelling, should our own national embassy not be accessible.

Not only can we move freely within the territory of Member States, we also have the right as European citizens to reside in them. Millions of people take advantage of this right. More than three million UK citizens reside in other EU Member States, while more than two million EU nationals reside in the UK. Reciprocal access to health care underpins such migration, as do receipts of pensions and other benefits in the country of residence.

Many UK citizens use their right as European citizens to work in other EU Member States and, correspondingly, one readily encounters German, French, Spanish, Italian, Irish, Polish, Lthuanian and all the other EU nationalities working in Nottingham, a small city in the English Midlands, which is increasingly internationally minded. As European citizens, EU nationals are entitled to vote and to stand as candidates in local and European elections in the Member State in which they reside. However, millions of EU nationals were excluded from voting in the ‘Brexit’ referendum of June 2016 in the UK, as were millions of UK nationals who reside elsewhere in the European Union.

Tony Simpson in his Editorial: 'Europe in view'

<span style='font-size: 18px;'>The Levellers</span>

The Levellers

'To our generation fell the good fortune of re-discovering the Levellers. To the classical liberal historians they meant rather less than nothing. This neglect is puzzling.

But what we have rediscovered is not merely the fact that the Levellers anticipated our fathers in most of the social and political reforms of the next 300 years; they were, until Cromwell crushed them, the dynamic pioneers, who had the initiative during the most formative years of the Inter-regnum. They would have won for our peasants in the mid-17th century what the Great Revolution gained for those of France at the close of the 18th.'
Christopher Hill talking about H.N. Brailsford's book The Levellers and the English Revolution.

John Rees, author 'The Leveller Revolution' (reviewed in The Spokesman 135) called H.N. Brailsford's book "magesterial".

For more information and other Leveller titles from Spokesman Books CLICK HERE

<span style='font-size: 18px;'>Nottingham - UNESCO City of Literature</span>

Nottingham - UNESCO City of Literature

On Friday 12th November 2015, UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova, announced the designation of 47 cities from 33 countries as new members of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. We are please to let you know that amongst them was Nottingham, which was declared a City of Literature!

For more information please visit the UNESCO site and to become a part of our historic moment visit http://www.nottinghamcityofliterature.com/

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