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Spokesman Books published a number of pamphlets and documents before issuing its first title with an ISBN, 'Vietnam: Three Documents of the National Liberation Front', in January 1971. Previously the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation had published pamphlets, books and journals simply in its own name.

Since launching, Spokesman has published hundreds of books and pamphlets and maintains a steady output five decades on.

We plan to make PDF files of some 'Spokesman Classics' available on this website as a record of our history, which closely mirrors the political history of the last fifty years, and as an encouragement to today's writers, thinkers and activists.

<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Women's Liberation & the New Politics</span>Women's Liberation & the New Politics
by Sheila Rowbotham


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This text was written in the Summer of 1969. A lot has happened since then! The movement which started to grow after the first Women's Liberation conference at Oxford early in 1970 made a significant impact. Fifty years on, 'Women's Liberation and the New Politics' still has much to teach us.


<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Great Democrats</span>Great Democrats
Edited by Alfred Barratt Brown

Long out of print, this 2012 edition of Great Democrats restores to new generations a seminal work in the struggle against the rise of fascism in Europe during the 1930s.

'There are great men who have also been Democrats, but the figures chosen for these pages are principally those of men and women who have been great as Democrats - great, that is to say, either in the extent to which they embodied in their lives and characters the democratic temper and attitude to mankind, or in the measure of their contribution to the democratic movement.'
Alfred Barratt Brown in his Preface, 1934

'For an historian the Contents page of Alfred Barratt Brown's book is exciting enough, particularly when combined with 1934, its date of publication. How is it possible not to plunge straight into Frances Evelyn Countess of Warwick on Joseph Arch? … And then there is Henry Nevinson on Edward Carpenter, Katherine Bruce Glasier on Keir Hardie, Oliver Baldwin on William Morris … The imaginative author-subject couplings will whet any appetite. G.D.H. Cole on William Cobbett; Ray Strachey (novelist and author of the classic The Cause: a short history of the Women's Movement in Great Britain, 1928) on Millicent Fawcett … Bertrand Russell on Thomas Paine … '
Stephen Yeo in his Foreword, 2013

' … the whole purpose of my father's book was to respond to the current rise to power of the dictatorships and, most particularly, of Hitler … and to recognise that Democracy, and being a Great Democrat, is not just about embracing a form of government, but a principle of government, espousing the triad of liberty, equality and fraternity.'
Michael Barratt Brown in his Introduction, 2013

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Introduction by Michael Barratt Brown
Edward Carpenter by Henry W. Nevinson
William Cobbett by G. D. H. Cole
Eugene Debs by Norman Thomas
William Godwin by H. N. Brailsford
Jean Jaures by Henry de Man
Mary Macarthur by Mary Agnes Hamilton
Mary Wollstonecraft by Evelyn Sharp

Reviewed by Anthony Arblaster in Red Pepper - March 2014

Price: 24.95

724 pages | Paperback
ISBN: 978 0 85124 827 1
Published Sept 2013


<span style='font-size: 14px;'>The Politics of Community Action</span>The Politics of Community Action
by Jan O'Malley


A new printed edition, with a new foreword by Jan O'Malley, will be available to buy shortly.

First published in 1977, The Politics of Community Action focuses on community struggles in a small neighbourhood in West London over a period of eight years from 1966 to 1974. So, 50 years on, is it still relevant?

Today, similar struggles are going on in London against major regeneration schemes driven by local councils which will have the same effect of driving out many of the original inhabitants as rents in the new properties will be higher and the leaseholders will be scattered.

Price: 12.99

184 Pages | A5 Paperback
ISBN 978 0851 2488 75


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