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About the Journal

Key Words is committed to developing the tradition of cultural materialism derived from the founding analysis of culture and society in the work of Raymond Williams.

The journal provides a forum for radical thought on history and politics, and explores the role of literary, media and cultural forms in the contemporary global era. Each issue addresses a selected theme of relevance to the arts, media, politics and everyday life.

Further details can be found on the Raymond Williams Society website.

<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Language and Socialism</span>Language and Socialism
Key Words 14

Introduction: Language and Socialism - Tony Crowley

Language and Socialism - Jean-Jacques Lecercle

Orwell and Williams: language and socialism - Tony Crowley

Neoliberal Keywords, political economy and relevance of ideology - Marnie Holborow

Living Wrong Life Rightly: Kant avec Marx - Ben Ware

Socialism, multiculturalism and language policy - Deborah Cameron

Global English and Marx's 'General Intellect' - Peter Ives

From the Place Vendome to Trafalgar Square: Imperialism and Counter-hegemony in the 1880s Romance Revival - Owen Holland
Tony Crowley, Keywords: Terrorism
Recoveries - Elinor Taylor
Notes on Contributors

Raymond Williams Foundation

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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Queerwords: Sexuality</span>Queerwords: Sexuality
and the Politics of Culture
Key Words 13

Editors' Preface

Obituary: Professor Simon Dentith - Peter Robinson

Introduction: Queerwords: Sexuality and the Politics of Culture - David Alderson

Queers and Class: Toward a Cultural Politics of Friendship - Lisa Henderson

Is the Queen Dead? Effeminacy, Homosociality and the Post-Homophobic Queer - Stephen Maddison

Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't Have?): Punk, Politics and Same-Sex Passion - David Wilkinson

Queer Romances with Fascism - David Alderson

People of the Black Mountains and the Politics of Theory - John Connor

Uses of Shelley in Working-Class Culture: Approximations and Substitutions - Jen Morgan

Back in the CCCS - Claire MacLeod Peters

Keywords - Tony Crowley

Recoveries - Elinor Taylor and Stephen Rogers

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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Configuring the Real</span>Configuring the Real
Key Words 12

Editors' Preface

Raymond Williams and Ecocriticism - Michael Malay

'A Specific Contemporary Sadness': Raymond Williams and the Speculative Socialist Tradition - Rosalind Brunt

The Long Recuperation: Late-Nineteenth/Early-Twentieth-Century British Socialist Periodical Fiction - Deborah Mutch

'The Rich Harmonics of Past Time': Memory and Montage in John Sommerfield's May Day - Elinor Taylor

Future Imperfect: Mass and Mobility in Williams, Orwell, and the BBC's Nineteen Eighty-Four - Sean McQueen

Sovereign Is He, who Knocks: The Neoliberal State of Exception in American Television - Liane Tanguay

Cultural Immaterialism: Wallace Stevens in Virtual Paris - Tony Sharpe

A Smell of French Bread in Charlotte Street - Stan Smith
Tony Crowley, Keywords: Scouse
Peter Brooker, Obituary: Stuart Hall
Notes on Contributors

Raymond Williams Foundation

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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Media Technology and Cultural Form</span>Media Technology and Cultural Form
Key Words 11

Media Technology and Cultural Form: Guest Editor's Introduction - Kate Lacey

Communications Policy and Social Change: Raymond Williams, The Left and Thinking about the Media
Tom O'Malley

The Continuity of 'Continuity': Flow and the Changing Experience of Watching Broadcast Television
Catherine Johnson

TV Times: Archive, Mood, Media - Ben Highmore

'An Ugly Phrase for an Unprecedented Condition': Mobile Privatisation, 1974-1983 - Stephen Groening

Mobile Privatisation and the Neoliberal Self
Jim McGuigan

Cultural Materialism, Media and the Environment
Richard Maxwell & Toby Miller

Grace Paley and Tenement Pastoral - Chris Witter




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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>After <em>The Long Revolution</em></span>After The Long Revolution
Key Words 10

Editors' Preface

Rereading The Long Revolution: Permanent Education versus the Exclusionary Consensus - John Higgins

Raymond Williams in the Sixties: History, Communication and Conflict - Roberto del Valle

Raymond Williams on Culture and Society
Jim McGuigan

The Traitor in the House - Elizabeth Allen

The British Reception of Early Soviet Fiction 1917-1934
Ian Gasse

'Why, Comrade?': Raymond Williams, Orwell and Structure of Feeling in Boys' Story Papers
Simon Machin

'The Army of the Unemployed': Walter Greenwood's Wartime Novel and the Reconstruction of Britain
Chris Hopkins

Will Self and the Academics: or, How to Write Satire
Alan Munton



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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Raymond Williams in Japan</span>Raymond Williams in Japan
Key Words 9

Editors’ Preface

Signs, Socialism and Ethics: Eagleton on Language
Tony Crowley

Terry Eagleton, Postmodernism and Ireland
Edward Larrissy

Williams and Wittgenstein: Language, Politics and Structure of Feeling - Ben Ware

Border Country: Then and Now - Simon Dentith


Raymond Williams in Japan - Essays by contemporary Japanese critics, edited and introduced by Daniel G. Williams

Guest Editor’s Introduction - Daniel Williams

Soseki Natsume, Raymond Williams and the Geography of ‘Culture’ - Shintaro Kono

Translation and Interpretation: Raymond Williams and the Uses of Action - Takashi Onuki

‘To Feel the Connections’: Collectivity and Dialectic in Raymond Williams’s Loyalties - Yasuhiro Kondo

The ‘Far West’ after Industrialization: Gwyn Thomas, Ishimure Michiko and Raymond Williams - Yuzo Yamada

‘A Narrative of Unsolved Cases’: A Reading of The Fight for Manod - Yasuo Kawabata

Afterword: Found in Translation - Dai Smith


Debate: Dai Smith responds to Lucas and Matthews

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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Labouring-Class Writing</span>Labouring-Class Writing
Key Words 8

Editors' Preface

Guest Editors' Introduction: Retrieval and Beyond: Labouring-Class Writing - Tim Burke and John Goodridge

Brute Strength: Labouring-Class Studies and Animal Studies - Donna Landry

Close Reading Yearsley - David Fairer

Not So Lowly Bards: Working-Class Women Poets and Middle-Class Expectations - Florence Boos

Genre Matters: Attending to Form and Convention in Eighteenth-Century Labouring-Class Poetry - William J. Christmas

Ecocriticism - Anne Milne

The Rise of Robert Bloomfield - Scott McEathron

The Foresters: Alexander Wilson's Transatlantic Labouring-Class Nature Poetry - Bridget Keegan

'Tracing the Ramifications of the Democratic Principle': Literary Criticism and Theory in the Chartist Circular - Mike Sanders

Labour History by Other Means - Jonathan Rose

Graphic Bric-a-brac: Comic Visual Culture and the Study of Early Victorian Lower-Class Urban Culture - Brian Maidment

* * *
Language and Locale: John Locke, Somerset and Plain Style - Olivia Smith

Institutional Culture as Whiteness: 'a complex argument' - John Higgins


Raymond Williams Foundation

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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>The Century's Wide Margin</span>The Century's Wide Margin
Key Words 7

Editors' Preface

Guest Editor's Introduction:
The Century's Wide Margin - Ben Harker

Edward Carpenter 1844-1929: A Very Modern Victorian - Sheila Rowbotham

On Not Forgetting 'the Importance of Everything Else': Feminism, Modernism and Time and Tide (1920-1939) - Catherine Clay

'Ours Will Be a Dynamic Contribution': the Struggle by Diasporic Artists for a Voice in British Theatre in the 1930s and 1940s - Colin Chambers

Adapting to the Conjuncture: Walter Greenwood, History and Love on the Dole - Ben Harker

Ephemeral Work: Louis MacNeice and the Moment of 'Pure Radio' - Paul Long

'The Better it is Written the Worse it is': Storm Jameson on Popular Fiction and the Political Novel - Kristin Ewins

'Hard as the Metal of my Gun': Communism, Masculinity and John Cornford's Poetry of the Will - Stan Smith


The Raymond Williams Foundation (RWF)

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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Seeing Ourselves in History</span>Seeing Ourselves in History
Key Words 6

Editors' Preface

Culture is Ordinary - Terry Eagleton

Debate: Raymond Williams Novelist? - John Lucas

Debate: 'Other Possible Findings': Raymond Williams, Writer - Sean Matthews

Mis/Reading Nineteen Eighty-Four: A Comparatist Critique of Williams on Orwell - Andrew Milner

Graham Martin: Literature, Liberation and Ideology -
Introduced by Jeff Wallace

Left-Leavisism and After: Graham Martin and Arnold Kettle as Critics of the Novel - Patrick Parrinder

'I chewed up Littererchewer': Literature and Standard English in Tony Harrison, Seamus Heaney and Derek Walcott - Simon Dentith

Aesthetics, Government, Freedom - Tony Bennett

Which Cosmopolitanism? Neoliberalism, the Society of the Spectacle and Democratic Citizenship -
Nick Stevenson

Claire Jowitt, John Goodridge, Emanuela Piga

The Raymond Williams Foundation

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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Working Spaces, Working Lives</span>Working Spaces, Working Lives
Key Words 5

In Memoriam Charles Swann - Terry Eagleton

I. M. Charles Swann, 18 December 1943 - 13 October 2006 - Stan Smith

Introduction - Nicola Wilson

The Representation of the People and Our Mutual Friend - Ruth Livesey

Politicising the Home in Ethel Carnie Holdsworth's This Slavery (1925) and Ellen Wilkinson's Clash (1929) - Nicola Wilson

Gender and Community in 1930s Working-Class Writing - Joseph Pridmore

Raymond Williams, Cultural Materialsim, and the Break-Up of Britain - Hywel Dix

'Committed to paper': Vacated Spaces and Phallogocentrism in Magnus Mills's The Restraint of Beasts - Ian Haywood

Organising Space: Clutter, Storage and Everyday Life - Tracey Potts

An Interview with Richard Hoggart - Sean Matthews

Reviews and Previews

The Raymond Williams Memorial Fund

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ISBN: 978 1 90551 0-11-5

<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Working Spaces, Working Lives - ePUB</span>Working Spaces, Working Lives - ePUB
Key Words 5

This is the ePUB version of Working Spaces, Working Lives, which can be downloaded onto your PC, Sony eReader, iPad and iPhone.

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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Modernism</span>Modernism
Key Words 4

Editor's Introduction - Michael Coyle

'American' - Deborah Cameron
'Scab' - Stephanie A. Smith
'Cover Song' - Michael Coyle

Raymond Williams, Keywords and Deconstruction -
John Higgins

Defining Cultural Democracy: Modernism and Universal Individualism - Melba Cuddy-Keane

Fundamentals of Cultural Studies: Extrapolations from Selected Texts of Raymond Williams - Epiphanio San Juan, Jr.

The Fight Over Culture and Society: Raymond Williams and the Cambridge School of Criticism - Mauro Pala

The Self-Loathing Class: Williams, Ishiguro and Barbara Ehrenreich on Service - Lisa Fluet

Raymond Williams, Ezra Pound and the Heritage of John Ruskin
Burton Hatlen

Diana Wallace, Aaron Jaffe, Alan Munton, Michael Coyle

About the Authors

Price: 12.50

ISBN: 978 0 95315 03-4-2


<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Futures</span>Futures
Key Words 3

Editorial - Jeff Wallace

Feminist Futures - Lynne Segal

Information Society Theory as Ideology: a Critique - Nicholas Garnham

Inequality and the Information Age: the Recent Work of Manuel Castells - John Downey

Post-Theory, Literature, Marxism - Andy Mousley

'Gender' - Deborah Cameron

'The gorgeous contributions of India': Ruskin, Owen Jones and Oriental Art - Simon Dentith

Modernism and the Suffragette Prison Narratives - Howard Finn

The Cultural Theory of Bourdieu and Williams -
Bridget Fowler

Sean Homer, Calvin Taylor, Michael Pickering,
Jim McGuigan

Endpiece: What's in a Name? - Rod Jones

Price: 12.50

ISBN: 978 0 95315 03-3-5


<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Ecocriticism</span>Ecocriticism
Key Words 2

Editorial - Jeff Wallace

Reading Nostalgia: Histories and Fictions of the Struggling Unemployed - Jago Morrison

'The problem is always one of method...': Cultural Materialism, Political Economy and Cultural Studies - Paul Jones

Reinventing England - Declan Kiberd

'Work Provider' - Deborah Cameron

Wordsworthian and Darwinian Excursions: Ecology, Colonialism and Cultural Materialist Criticism -
David Amigoni

Raymond Williams and Contemporary Political Ecology -
Hilary Wainwright

Hippies, Liberals, and the Ecocritical Sublime -
Gerry Smyth

BSE Stories - Richard Kerridge

Conference Reports
John Parham, Ross Dawson, Sean Homer

Jim McGuigan, John Tomlinson, Chris Bilton

Price: 12.50

ISBN: 978 0 95315 03-2-8


<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Key Words 1</span>Key Words 1

Editorial - Jeff Wallace

Raymond Williams's Time - Steven Connor

Raymond Williams, Communities and Universities -
Terry Eagleton

Dreaming the Dictionary: Keywords and Corpus Linguistics - Deborah Cameron

Sex, Race and Meat - Cultural Studies, Cultural Materialism and the End of Life as We Know It - Gargi Bhattacharyya

Problems in Ecocriticism and the Novel - Dominic Head

Sexual Emergenc(i)es: Cultural Theories and Contemporary Sexual Politics - Richard Johnson

Jeff Wallace, Helen Davis, Martin Conboy, Maggie Wykes, Martyn Lee

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