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WAR against WAR!
By Ernst Friedrich

Originally published in Germany on 1st May 1924, this classic pictorial record of the First World War has long been hard to obtain.

'War Against War! is one of the most shocking books I have ever seen. As much a series of photographs as a book, it first appeared in 1924, the work of Ernst Friedrich, an anarchist, socialist, internationalist and peace worker.

Friedrich's aim was to make people understand what war actually means, and the horrors it inflicts on people and, indeed, on animals.'

Bruce Kent

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Tony Benn Pamphlets

The Levellers and the English Democratic Tradition
by Tony Benn

The Levellers continue to inspire political debate and public interest. Thousands of people travel to Burford, attracted by their story with its ideas of democracy and common ownership. Tony Benn's and Frieder Otto Wolf's sparkling speeches to the annual Leveller's Day celebrations at Burford, separated by more than twenty years, give ample testimony to the strength of this tradition.

The Speaker, The Commons and Democracy
by Tony Benn

There is no doubt that unless we can restore the vitality of representative democracy more and more people will conclude that they are just pawns in an unending political game to be managed and manipulated for the convenience of those at the top.

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New issue of
The Spokesman

Problems of NATO
The Spokesman 124

Ukraine’s precipitate economic decline in recent decades, since it separated itself from the Soviet Union, is charted in this issue of The Spokesman ... Even before those momentous changes, beginning in late 1991, greater influence in the Soviet periphery had long been an objective of Western strategy. Once Ukraine became independent, the chosen methods to achieve such influence combined sponsored developments of Ukrainian ‘civil society’, much of it courtesy of the US government-funded National Endowment for Democracy, with long-term economic, political and military interventions by the European Union and NATO. Instability and conflict in Ukraine may not trouble the Americans much, located as it is on Russia’s borders, but it should certainly concern Europeans who, among other considerations, will be asked to pick up much of the tab.

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