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Socialist Renewal - new series: 8

Straw Wars: Full Spectrum 


Jack Straw's Briefing with a response by Ken CoatesStraw Wars

Hundreds of MPs and many trade union leaders have expressed their anxieties about President Bush's plans to tear up the key treaties which have up to now regulated so-called "missile defence", and the placement of lethal weapons in space.

Former MEP and long-time peace campaigner Ken Coates rebuts point-by-point Jack Straw's recent briefing which advocated President Bush's plans for missile defence to Labour MPs. Coates also covers American plans for putting weapons in space, which was one of many matters omitted from Mr Straw's briefing.

"What the argument about Missile Defence will expose is the new world order, in which the United States officially proclaims the solo goal of its own 'Full Spectrum Dominance' of space, sea, land, air and information…Small wonder that Mr Blair is cautious about whether his Party colleagues can be relied upon to swallow the President's proposal."  writes Mr Coates

Straw Wars includes the verbatim texts of the statements by the Foreign Secretary, with point-by-point rebuttals. It also includes the full text of the United States Space Command's Vision for 2020. This deadly serious document speaks very candidly about what is behind the impending repudiation of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and the wholesale violation of the Outer Space Treaty. The salient points of these Treaties are also reproduced.




Price: £3.00 

ISBN: 978 0 85124 659 8




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