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Socialist Renewal - fourth series: 4

Arms for Oil

Michael Barratt Brown

It is a fact, an unfortunate fact, that economic relations between the West and the Arab and other Islamic countries could for many years be described accurately in just three words “Oil for Arms” or alternatively “Arms for Oil”.

This has a long history going back to the First World War, when the Ottoman Empire was broken up between the British and French Empires and client regimes were established in the newly created states. The Second World War brought in the American Empire, but the main purpose of all these empires was to control the rich oil reserves in the region. Arms were supplied as necessary to maintain the client regimes in power. This became essential if oil was to remain cheap.

Once any country adopted imported oil and gas as the main sources of supply of energy, such supplies had then to be kept cheap, and that meant exercising control over the resources and the security of supply. In this book it will be necessary to examine the hidden costs of reliance on cheap oil and gas by those countries which took that decision.




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