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Socialist RenewalSocialist Renewal

Socialist Renewal grew out of the discussions around Labour's abandonment of Clause Four, in 1995. A general invitation was issued to socialist authors to write for us. A dozen pamphlets and half a dozen books followed. They probed the transport crisis in Britain, common ownership, pensions and national insurance, the rights of the unemployed, as well as the threat to peace posed by Nato's expansion. Many of the early criticisms of New Labour in opposition have proved only too well-founded by the experience of New Labour in government.

The first series launched the Socialist Renewal Series and is being added to the website.

The second series of Socialist Renewal pamphlets sought to re-open the space for socialist discussion, and provide a platform for the different views which are developing in response to the continual bad news from New Labour.

The third series of Socialist Renewal pursue this project and continue to probe the inadequacies of New Labour and propose constructive alternatives. We received a number of exciting proposals which helped to clarify the arguments which were developing on the Left.

The first book of the fourth series proposes a broad social and political alliance to promote significant changes of policy in the societies which compromise the enlarged European Union.

The fifth series includes one of our best sellers New Labour's attack on Public Services by Dexter Whitfield. 

A sixth series has now begun.

Further titles challenge the privatisation of air traffic control and make the case for returning the railways to public ownership; address the crisis in education with the privatisation of local education authorities and business influence on the curriculum; expose the ruination of much of higher education and set out an alternative vision for universities and colleges; and examine the continuing crisis in the health service. We shall also be publishing an analysis of New Labour's economic policy, and initiate a discussion of their foreign and security policies.

The First Series

Is Socialism Inseparable from Common Ownership?

G. A. Cohen


The New Series

new series 1
Welfare Reform: Means-tested versus Universal Benefits.          

John Grieve Smith


new series 2
The Captive Party: How Labour was taken over by Capital.

Michael Barratt Brown


new series 3
Towards a More Equal Society.

David Donnison


new series 4
Third Way ... Where To?

Ken Coates & Michael Barratt Brown


new series 5
Safety First?: Did the Health and Safety Commission do its Job?

Christopher Gifford


new series 6
The Captive Local State.

Peter Latham


new series 7
Public Services or Private Profit?

Dexter Whitfield


new series 8
Straw Wars: Full Spectrum Sycophancy

Jack Straw's Briefing with a response by Ken Coates


new series 9
The Flame Not the Ashes   

Lionel Jospin


new series 10
The Third Way... or Feeding the Fat Cats

Michael Barratt Brown


Third Series

third series 1
Physician, Heal Thyself: The NHS Needs a Voice of its Own   

Duncan Smith


third series 2
Opening and Innovation  

Partito Rifondazione Comunista


third series 3
Railtracks in the Sky

Peter Reed


third series 5
Power & Ownership

The Swedish Left Party 


third series 6

Tony Blair: The Old New Goes to War       

Ken Coates


third series 7

Workers Control  

Ken Coates


third series 8 

Redistribution A Silent Counter-Revolution?   

Michael Barratt Brown


Fourth Series

fourth series 1 

Together for a Different Europe 

Manifesto of the European Left


fourth series 2

The Trial of Slobodan Milosevic      

Michael Barratt Brown, Edward S. Herman & David Peterson


fourth series 3

The Social Europe We Need

Robin Blackburn, Andr Brie MEP, Ken Coates, Christina Beatty and Stephen Fothergill.


fourth series 4    

Arms for Oil

Michael Barratt Brown


fourth series 5

Not Fit To Be Prime Minister?

Ken Coates


fourth series 6

Countering Civil Rights

Tony Bunyan


fourth series 7

Fraud at the Elections

The full final and definitive 

Judgment of Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey QC




Fifth Series


fifth series 1 

Readings and Witnesses for Workers' Control

Edited by Ken Coates and Tony Topham


fifth series 2

Dodgiest Dossier


fifth series 3

New Labour's attack on Public Services 

Dexter Whitfield


fifth series 4

Nuclear Reactors: Do we need more?

Christopher Gifford


fifth series 5

Lost, Stolen or Strayed? 

Arguments from the Red Paper, recalled by Socialist Renewal and updated by Michael Meacher.


Sixth Series

Sixth series 1

The War on Freedom and Democracy

Ed. by Tony Bunyan


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Sixth series costs 20 

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