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Socialist Renewal - fifth series: 3


New Labour's Attack on 


Public Services


Modernisation by Marketisation?  How the commissioning, choice, competition and contestability agenda threatens public services and the welfare state.

New Labour's Attack on Public Services


by Dexter Whitfield


New Labour is creating markets in public services on an unprecedented scale.  Education, health and social care, children's services, housing, planning and regeneration, the criminal justice system and the welfare state are all being marketised.  It has gone well beyond even Tory expectations of the 1990s.


Privatisation inevitably follows marketisation, eroding democratic accountability and embedding business interests.  The impact will be far reaching.  Any benefits in terms of economic, social and sustainable development that are gained through regional strategies and city regions could evaporate if market forces are allowed to run rampant across the public sector.


Alternative policies and strategies must build on the support for democratic governance, social justice and the welfare state.  As this timely book makes clear, action by alliances of trade unions, community organisations and civil society organisations is urgently required.





A letter has been sent to The Reading Chronicle quoting Dexter's book.


Reviews by 

Paul Walker - Healthmatters; Autumn 2007; Issue 69

Patrick Ainley in the Socialist Education Journal.

Labour Research - October 2006

Keith Popple - Community Care










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