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Socialist Renewal - third series: 5

Power and Ownership

The Swedish Left Party

With an introduction by Michael Barratt Brown

Questions of ownership have long concerned socialists. The Swedish Left Party, which receives some 10 per cent of the popular vote in their country, put the question of Power and Ownership at the centre of its contribution to the European Social Forum in Florence. Since 1980, short-term profit, the increase in private ownership and the power of capital have resulted in the loss of democratic control and widening inequalities in Swedish society.

This pamphlet looks at forms of public ownership - national state, regional and local government and non-governmental, workers' and consumers co-operatives - to show how democratic control could be enhanced and inequalities reduced.

Such an examination is most timely. It is not only in Sweden, but most particularly in Britain, that the results of privatisation of public assets have greatly increased the power of capital, diminished democracy and widened inequalities. The debate initiated by this pamphlet will be of vital interest to anyone interested in realising the democratic aims and possibilities of socialism.





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