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Socialist Renewal - third series: 1

Physician, Heal Thyself

The NHS Needs a Voice of its Own

Duncan Smith

How to 'modernise' or reform the National Health Service? This pamphlet suggests that instead of imposing on the Service new ideas from the top down, what is needed is a means by which the wisdom and dedication of the staff, which is displayed in the wards and the surgeries, should be used to carry out the necessary changes.

Duncan Smith describes how the Department of Health and particularly its predecessor the DHSS, have failed to provide a coherent development and training policy or any kind of consultation machinery. He explains how a Staff College and a new cadre of 'organisational clinicians' could call on the best brains of the Service and connect them with a wide spectrum of staff in the 'front line'.

"Delivering the NHS Plan", the paper which accompanied the 2002 Budget, contains some valuable statements but is brim full of assertions and aspirations which will be immensely difficult to fulfil. Indeed, some will probably fail if they are not 'owned' by the staff concerned and there are no suggestions about how the 'flyers' at the top can be linked with the rest of the million NHS employees.

All those who would like to steer the present commotion into constructive channels should consider these proposals.

The author was formerly Chief Training Officer of the National Health Service.







Price 3.00

ISBN: 978 0 85124 667 3

pamphlet | 40 pages



















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