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Socialist Renewal - fourth series: 3


The Social Europe We Need


The Social Europe We Need

Robin Blackburn, André Brie MEP, 

Ken Coates, Christina Beatty 

and Stephen Fothergill.



Robin Blackburn is an editor of New Left Review and teaches in the Sociology Department at the University of Essex.  His article, The Europe We Need looks at ensuring that Europe represents a social model different to that of the United States. 



André Brie MEP is a well-known member of the European Parliament who represents the Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany.  Throughout his article, The Social State in Europe, he answers the question, ‘what has to be changed in order to maintain and renew the social state?’  


Ken Coates was for ten years a Member of the European Parliament and a Special Professor at the University of Nottingham.  His article, Another World is Possible, looks at the role of both the European and World Social Forum.



Christina Beatty & Stephen Fothergill are colleagues at the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University.  In their article, The Diversion from ‘Unemployment’ to ‘Sickness’ across British Regions and Districts, they look ‘in depth at the numbers of long-term sickness claimants…[and] have concluded that, in parts of England, in the north, as well as in Scotland and Wales, there are some two and a half million unemployed people who depend on sickness related benefits to keep body and soul together, although in fact there are no jobs for them.’  



 The European Social Forum was inspired by the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  An impressive list of participants has been assembled from non-governmental organisations in a wide variety of countries.  Now the European Social Forum will come to London, 14-17 October 2004, at the invitation of a number of activist groupings, with the support of London Mayor, Ken Livingstone.  The European Social Forum met first of all in Florence, and then, last year, in Paris.  Each gathering attracted tens of thousands of participants, from a wide variety of social movements, non-governmental organisations and trade unions.’   Ken Coates



Review of Social Europe we need







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