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The Spokesman Journal

A selection of articles from issues of The Spokesman are available here, in PDF format.
An index of issues 39 - 63 (under the title ENDpapers) is available on request.


The articles are listed alphabetically under the authors name.


Spokesman Index

Complied by Abi Rhodes & Tony Simpson



ACHCAR, Gilbert

o         The Spirit (and the Budget) of a New Cold War. Spokesman 70; p28-33


AKIBA, Tadatoshi

o          At a Crossroads. Spokesman 92; p21-2



o          Nuclear dependency. Spokesman 92; p39-43



o         Satellite Killers and Space Dominance. Spokesman 71; p 47-54

o         The Weapons Merchants. Hegemony in Armament Production. Spokesman 72; p52-63



o         Book Review- ‘Muck, Silk and Socialism: Reflections of a Left-Wing Queen’s Council’- John Platts-Mills. Spokesman 79; p77-78


ALTES, Edy Korthals

o         Pax Americana Fata Morgana! Spokesman 78; p46-51



o         Collateral Damage or Unlawful Killings; Violations of the Laws of War by NATO During Operation Allied Force.  Spokesman 69; p 31-81

o         Where Are The Secret Prisons? Spokesman 91; p66- 72


ARAR, Maher

o      Maher Arar’s Story. Spokesman 89; p26-34


ARKIN, William

o          Preparing the Unthinkable. Spokesman 74; p52-55



o         ‘Restraint’ or Racsim in Palestine? Spokesman 70; p9-13



o         Book Review- ‘Beyond September 11th –An Anthology of Dissent’- Phil Scraton (Ed). Spokesman 76; p86



o         After the War in Yugoslavia: New Dangers for Hungary and Europe. Spokesman 67; p43-45



o         Book Review- ‘Out of the Nuclear Shadow’- Smitu Kothari and Zia Mian (Eds). Spokesman 74; p78-81



o         The Third Way off the Rails. Spokesman 66; p80-90



o         War in the Balkans: Economic Causes and Solutions Re-examined. Spokesman 65; p52-60

o         Book Review- ‘ The Origin of Capitalism’ – Ellen Meiksins Wood. Spokesman 65; p81-83

o         Book Review- ‘The Global Gamble: Washington’s Faustian Bid for World Dominance – Peter Gowan. Spokesman 65; p88-95

o         The Third Way to the Servile State. Spokesman 66; p38-59

o         Book Review- ‘Horace: Poetics and Politics’ – V.G. Kiernan. Spokesman 66; p113-117

o         Book Review- ‘Ruskin College, Contesting Knowledge, Dissenting Politics’ – Geoff Andrews, Hilda Kean and Jane Thompson. Spokesman 67; p108-111

o         Book Review- ‘Socialist Register 2000: Necessary and Unnecessary Utopias’ – ed. Leo Panich & Colin Leys. Spokesman 67; p116-117

o         On Debt and War. Spokesman 69; p 10-19

o         Book Review- ‘Karl Marx’- Francis Wheen. Spokesman 69; p130

o         Book Review- ‘ Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain’- George Monbiot. Spokesman 70; p64-68

o         Keynes: Man of Peace. Spokesman 71; p64-70

o         Book Review- ‘No Logos’- Naomi Klein. Spokesman 71; p81-83

o         Book Review- ‘Public Services/Corporate Welfare’- Spokesman 71; p87-88

o         Book Review- ‘History in the Making: Raymond Williams, Edward Thompson and Radical Intellectuals, 1936-1956’- Stephen Woodhams. Spokesman 72; p88-92

o         Book Review- ‘Socialist Register 2001: Working Classes: Global Realities’- Leo Panitch and Colin Leys (Ed) with Greg Albo and David Coates.  Spokesman 72; p93-96

o         Book Review- ‘Reaping the Whirlwind: The Taliban Movement in Afghanistan’- Michael Griffin. & ‘Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism’- John K. Cooley. Spokesman 73; p79-86

o         Book Review- ‘Left Book Club Anthology’- Paul Laity (Ed). Spokesman 73; p91-93

o         Book Review- ‘The Edward Said Reader, Granta’- Mousafa Bayoumi and Andre Rubin (Eds). Spokesman 74; p81-84

o         Book Review- ‘The Clash of Fundamentalists’- Tariq Ali. Spokesman 75; p77-84

o         Book Review- ‘Socialist Register 2002: A World of Contradictions’- Leo Panitch and Colin Leys (Eds). Spokesman 75; p 85-86

o         Will Hutton’s Brave New Europe. Spokesman 76; p58-62

o         Book Review- ‘The World is Not for Sale’- José Bove and François Dufour. &- ‘Fast Food Nation’- Eric Schlosser. Spokesman 76; p80-81

o         Book Review- ‘monarchies: What are Kings and Queens For?’- Tom Bentley and James Wilson (Eds). Spokesman 76; p82-84

o         Book Review- ‘Interesting Times: A Twentieth Century Life’- Eric Hobsbauwm. Spokesman 77; p88-99

o         Book Review- ‘How Britain Made the Modern World’- Niall Ferguson. & ‘Scottish Enlightenment: The Scottish Invention of the Modern World’- Arthur Herman. Spokesman 78; p88-93

o         Book Review- ‘Fences and Windows’- Naomi Klein. Spokesman 78; p94

o         Book Review- ‘American Empire’- Andrew J. Bacevich. Spokesman 80; p96-101

o         Book Review- ‘The Boom and the Bubble: The US in World Economy’- Robert Brenner. Spokesman 81; p89-98

o         Book Review- ‘Socialist Register 2004: The New Imperial Challenge’- Leo Panitch and Colin Leys (Eds). Spokesman 81; p102-104

o         Book Review – ‘Empire’ – Michael Handt and Antonio Negri & ‘The New Imperialism’ – David Harvey.  Spokesman 82; p95-98

o         Empire in Africa. Spokesman 83; p62-66

o         Book Review- ‘The African Genius’- Basil Davidson. Spokesman 83; p95-96

o         Book Review- ‘Decline of the Public’ – David Marquand. Spokesman 84; p83-84

o         Book Review- ‘Robin Hood: A Mythic Biography’- Stephen Knight. Spokesman 84; p86-88

o         Book Review – ‘The Hydrogen Economy’ – Jeremy Rifkin. Spokesman 85; p78-80

o         Book Review –‘House of Bush, House of Saud, - Craig Unger. Spokesman 85; p84-88

o         Book Review – ‘What’s the Matter with America? The Resistible Rise of the American Right’ – Thomas Frank. Spokesman 86; p93-94

o         Book Review – ‘The Valley’ – Barry Pilton. Spokesman 86; p96

o         Mr Blair’s Africa. Spokesman 87; p45-56

o         Book Review –‘The Impact of Inequality: how to make sick societies healthier’ – Richard G. Wilkinson. Spokesman 88; p89- 93

o         Book Review – ‘A Permanent State of Terror’ –  Estella Schmid & David Morgan (eds) - Spokesman 88; p94-5

o         Book Review – ‘Chain of Command’ – Seymour M. Hersh. Spokesman 89; p90-2

o         Book Review – ‘Revolt on the Tigris: The Al-Sadr Uprising and the Governing of Iraq’ – Mark Etherington. Spokesman 89; p94-5

o         Book Review – ‘The Changing Face of  China: From Mao to Market’ – Spokesman 90; p73-75

o         Book Review – ‘New Labours’ Attack on Public Services’ – Dexter Whitfield. ‘The New NHS: A Guide’ – Alison Talbot Smith & Allyson M. Pollock. Spokesman 91; p 89-92

o         Book Review – ‘Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy’ – Noam Chomsky. Spokesman 92; p 70-2

o         Book Review – ‘Nuclear Reactors: Do we need more? – Christopher Gifford. Spokesman 92; p77-8


BENN, Tony

o         The Laughter of our Children. Spokesman 74; p10-13


BENNIS, Phyllis

o         Who Rules the Peace When the Rulers Break the Rules? Spokesman 79; p21-31


BERGER, Jackov

o         ‘A Communication from Mr Jakov Berger’.  Spokesman 66; p99-100



o         Correspondence with Subcomandante Marcos. Spokesman 76; p24-34

o         Written in the Night. Spokesman 78; p41-45

o         Michael Moore, artist and patriot. Spokesman 84; p51-53

o         The First Fireball. Spokesman 85; p37-39

o         The World Tribunal on Iraq. Spokesman 87; p 28

o         Drawn to that Moment. Spokesman 90; p41-44

o         The Unseen Outrage. Spokesman 92; p10


BERTELL, Rosalie

o         The True story of Depleted Uranium. Spokesman 70; p5-8

o         Why Chernobyl Still Matters. Spokesman 78; p56-69



o         The Europe We Need. Spokesman 83; p41-49



o         Gerhard. Europe: The Third Way/ Die Neue Mitte. Spokesman 66;p27-37


BLIX, Hans

o          There are no Safe Nukes. Spokesman 92; p23-29



o         Thule and Star Wars. Spokesman 73; p 55-60



o         The Strangelove Doctrine. Spokesman 80; p63-67



o         Book Review- ‘The Trial of Henry Kissinger’- Christopher Hitchens. Spokesman 72; p79-82



o         The State in Europe. Spokesman 83; p50-61



o         Book Review – ‘No More Hiroshimas’ – James Kirkup. Spokesman 87; p72-4



o         The War on Freedom and Democracy. Spokesman 79; p32-44

o         Countering Civil Rights. Spokesman 86; p49-81

o         Europe and Extraordinary Rendition. Spokesman 90; p35-39




o         Book Review- ‘Dictionary of Labour Biography’- Greg Rosen (Ed). Spokesman 73; p90-91


CARR, Matt

o         Book Review- ‘A History of Bombing’- Sven Lindqvist. Spokesman 75; p75-77

o         Book Review- ‘Pirates and Emperors, Old and New’- Noam Chomsky. Spokesman 77; p83-84



o         Confessions of a Terrorist. Spokesman 78; p7-11




o         Editorial. Spokesman 65; p3-5

o         Benign Imperialism versus United Nations. Spokesman 65; p29-34

o         Book Review – ‘British and European Social Attitudes: The 15th report. How Britain Differs’- R. Jowell and Others. Spokesman 65; p74-76

o         Book Review- ‘World Directory of Minorities. Spokesman 65; p87

o         Editorial. Spokesman 66; p3-4

o         The Third Way to the Servile State. Spokesman 66; p38-59

o         Book Review- ‘SIPRI Yearbook 1999. Armaments, Disarmament and International Security’. Spokesman 66; p119-120

o         Editorial. Spokesman 67; p3-4

o         NATO and the New World Disorder. Spokesman 67; p31-42

o         Editorial. Spokesman 69; p3-4

o         Book Review- ‘The Heart Beats on the Left’- Oskar LaFontaine. Spokesman 69; p127-129

o         Editorial. Spokesman 70; p3-4

o         The Last Frontier, Preparing War in Space. Spokesman 70; p14-19

o         Book Review- ‘Bertrand Russell- The Ghost of Madness’ – Ray Monk. Spokesman 70; p61-64

o         Editorial. Spokesman 71; p3-5

o         Nuclear Warfare Revisited. Spokesman 71; p30-41

o         Book Review- ‘Guiding Light: The Collected Speeches of John Smith’- Brian Brivati. Spokesman 71; p83-86

o         Book Review- ‘The essential E.P. Thompson’- Dorothy Thompson (Ed). Spokesman 71; p88

o         Editorial. Spokesman 72; p3-5

o         Europe’s Militarism. Spokesman 72; p46-51

o         Book Review- ‘Through the Looking Glass: A Dissenter Inside New Labour’- Liz Davis. Spokesman 72; p85-87

o         Book Review- ‘Collected Works, Volume 48, Frederick Engels Letters, 1887-1890’- Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Spokesman 72; p87-88

o         Editorial. Spokesman 73; p3-6

o         Book Review- ‘The Diaries of Kenneth Tynan’- John Lahr (Ed). Spokesman 73; p93-94

o         Editorial. Spokesman 74; p3

o         Peace and Human Rights are Overdue. Spokesman 74; p5-9

o         Editorial. Spokesman 75; p3-4

o         Post- Labour’s New Imperialism. Spokesman 75; p38-46

o         Book Review- ‘Marx and Engels Collected Works, vol. 49. Frederick Engels Letters, 1890-1892’- Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Spokesman 75; p84-85

o         Editorial. Spokesman 76; p2-4

o         Editorial. Spokesman 77; p3-5

o         With: Nassar, Bahig, Vanunu, Mordechai & Sponeck, Hans Von- ‘Appointment in Cordoba: Dialogue on Peace and Human Rights in Europe and the Middle East’. Spokesman 77; p7-9

o         Appointment in Cordoba. Spokesman 77; p11-15

o         Editorial. Spokesman 78; p3-6

o         Full Spectrum Democracy. Spokesman 78; p32-36

o         Editorial. Spokesman 79; p3-4

o         Will Iran be Next? Spokesman 79; p5-9

o         Book Review- ‘Zones of Conflict’- Vassilis Fouskas. Spokesman 79; p75-76

o         Editorial. Spokesman 80; p3-5

o         Dealing with the Hydra. Spokesman 80; p41-47

o         Book Review- ‘Blair Wars’- John Kampfner. Spokesman 80; p91-94

o         Book Review- ‘US Domination’- Labour Action for Peace. Spokesman 80; p103

o         Editorial. Spokesman 81; p3-6

o         Obituary. Noberto Bobbio. Spokesman 81; p87

o         Editorial. Spokesman 82; p3-7

o         Editorial. Spokesman 83; p3-4

o         Another World is Possible: The European Social Forum comes to London. Spokesman 83; p33-36

o         Editorial. Spokesman 84; p3-6

o         The Case of Dr al Saadi. Spokesman 84; p56-60

o         Book Review- ‘Chain of Command: The road from 9/11 to Abu Gharib’- Seymour Hersh. Spokesman 84; p85-86

o         Editorial. Spokesman 85; p3-8

o         Book Review-‘Joseph Needham: Science and Civilisation in China, Vol. 5’ – Rose Kerr & Nigel Wood. Spokesman 85; p82-84

o         Editorial. Spokesman 86; p3-5

o         Book Review – ‘The Torture Pages: The Road to Abu Ghraib’ by Karen Greenberg & Joshua Dratel. & ‘Torture and Truth: America, Abu Ghraib and the War on Terror’ by Mark Danner. & ‘The Abu Ghraib Investigations’ by Steven Strasser. Spokesman 86; p87-90

o         Book Review – ‘Fredrick Engels Letters1892-95, Marx and Engels Collected Works’ – Vol. 50. Spokesman 86; p92-93

o         Editorial. Spokesman 87; p3-5

o         Unfinished Business for the Peace Movement. Spokesman 87; p37-42

o         (With Bruce KENT) Ron Todd 1927-2005. Spokesman 87; p57-60

o         Book Review – ‘John Smith – A Life’ – Mark Stuart. Spokesman 87; p69-70

o         Book Review – ‘What I Believe’ – Bertrand Russell. Spokesman 87; p78

o         Editorial. Spokesman 88; p3-8

o         Editorial. Spokesman 89; p3-7

o         Extraordinary Rendition. Spokesman 89; p19-25

o         Editorial. Spokesman 90; p3-5

o         Book Review – ‘The Sage of Science’ – Andrew Brown. Spokesman 90; p71-73

o         Editorial.  Spokesman 91; p3-7

o         Book Review – ‘Philosophical Arabesques’ – Nikolai Bukharin translated by Renfrey Clarke. Spokesman 91; p84-87

o         Editorial. Spokesman 92; p3-7


COATES, Andrew

o         Book Review- ‘Socialist Register, Global Capitalism versus Democracy’ – ed. Leo Panitch & Colin Leys. Spokesman66; p105-109

o         Book Review- ‘Capitalism at the End of the Millenium: A Global Survey’- Monthly Review, vol. 51, No. 3, July/Aug 1999. Spokesman 67; p111-115

o         Book Review – ‘First Person, Vladimir Putin’. Spokesman 70; p82-84


COLE, Roger

o          Book Review – ‘Ruairi Ó Brádaigh: The Life and Politics of an Irish Revolutionary’- Robert W. White. Spokesman 92; p79- 80


COLLEN, Lindsay & KISTNASAMY, Ragini

o         How Diego Garcia was Depopulated and Stolen. Spokesman 81; p32-46



o         Privatised Interrogation. Spokesman 89; p59-63



o          Interviewed by Marta Harnecker: Facing Down the Coup. Spokesman 91; p47-52



o         Bombing and Human Rights: Behind the Rhetoric. Spokesman 65; p7-20

o         East Timor is Not Yesterday’s Story. Spokesman 66; p5-13

o         Book Review – ‘The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression’- Stephane Courtois et al. Spokesman 67; p103-106

o         Peace Process Prospects. Spokesman 69; p5-9

o         The Current Crises in the Middle East. Spokesman 71; p9-29

o         The New War on Terror. Spokesman 73; p25-45

o         ‘Masters of the Universe’ versus The World Social Forum. Spokesman 74; p18-46

o         Voyage to Diyarbakir. Spokesman 76; p47-57

o         Creating a Different World. Spokesman 78; p16-27

o         Dominance and it’s Dilemmas. Spokesman 80; p68-76

o         Doctrines and Visions. Spokesman 85; p40-55

o         The Unseen Outrage. Spokesman 92; p10

o         Interviewed by  Merav Yudilovitch -Apocalypse Near’ Spokesman 92; p11-18





o         Disarming the New World Order, Seattle and Beyond. Spokesman 67; p5-17



o         Guantanamo Bay. A Global Experiment in Inhumanity. Spokesman 81, p9-11


DARAN, Jamie

o         Massacre at Mazar. Spokesman 77; p42-49



o         Book Review – ‘NHS PLC’ – Allyson M. Pollock. Spokesman 88; p83-9

o         Book Review – ‘The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East’ – Robert Fisk. Spokesman 89; p92-4

o         Book Review – ‘British Politics Unravelled’ – Giles Edwards. Spokesman 91; p92-3



o         Torture and Truth (extract). Spokesman 82’ p92



o         Book Review- ‘The Paymaster: Geoffrey Robinson, Maxwell and New Labour’- Tim Bower. Spokesman 72; p82-85

o         Book Review- ‘The British General Election of 2001’- David Butler and Dennis Kavanagh. Spokesman 77; p99-102



o         Omar Deghayes’ Story. Spokesman 89; p47-8



o         Book Review- ‘The Statesman’s Yearbook 2000. Spokesman 65; p85-87

o         Book Review- ‘Human Rights Watch: World Report 1999’- Human Rights Watch. Spokesman 67; p115-116


DU BOFF, Richard

o         US Hegemony: Continuing Decline, Enduring Danger. Spokesman 81; p64-76



o         Book Review- ‘Man Makes Himself’- Gordon V. Childe. Spokesman 77; p84-88



o      ‘Bertrand Russell’. Spokesman 87; p25-6


EL-MASRI, Khaled

o      Khaled El- Masri’s Story. Spokesman 89; p41-46



o         Interviews Joseph Rotblat – ‘Building the Bomb’. Spokesman 85; p9-16

o         Interviews Ken Coates – ‘The Nuclear Arms Race’. Spokesman 85; p17-23



o         Book Review- ‘The Third Way and its Critics’- Anthony Giddens. Spokesman 70; p77-82


FARD, Glyn (MEP)

o         Book Review- ‘The Scientific Outlook’- Bertrand Russell. Spokesman 77; p102-104



o         Remaining Refugee Protection. Spokesman 75; p47-51


FISK, Robert

o         Raiders of the Lost Iraq. Spokesman 79; p49-55

o         A Lesson in Obfuscation. Spokesman 80; p6-7

o         Iraq Implodes. Spokesman 83; p7-9

o         (Interviewed by David BARSAMIAN) Inside the Crusader Fortress. Spokesman 88; p11-30



o         Book Review- ‘The Diversion from ‘Unemployment’ to ‘Sickness’ across British Regions and Districts’- Christina Beatty and Stephen Fothergill. Spokesman 83; p93-95

o         Book Review- ‘The UN Commision on Human Rights has Failed the International Human Rights Movement’ – Luckshan Abeysuriya. Spokesman 87; p79



o      Book Review – ‘Fight Back! Labour’s traditional right in the 1970’s and 1980’s’ – Dianne Hayter. Spokesman 90; p78-9


FO, Dario

o      My Father’s Funeral. Spokesman 88; p43-5


FOOT, Michael

o      Book Review – ‘These are the Times: A Life of Thomas Paine’ – Trevor Griffiths. | ‘The Transatlantic Republican: Thomas Paine and the Age of Revolutions’ – Bernard Vincent. | ‘Common Sense’ – Thomas Paine. Spokesman 90; p75-77


GAGNON, Bruce K.

o      Book Review-‘The Pentagon’s New Maps’ – Thomas P. M. Barnett. Spokesman 85; p80-82



o         United States, the West and the Rest of the World. Spokesman 73; p50-51


GENEFKE (MD, DMSc.h.c), Inge

o         Torture: Weapon Against Democracy. Spokesman 81; p27-31

o         & Bent Sørenson  Torture is a Crime. Spokesman 83; p26-30





o         Book Review – SIPRI Yearbook: 2005: Armament, Disarmament and International Security. Spokesman 87; p78-9



o              ‘No’ in Colour. Spokesman 92; p8-9


GIFFORD, Christopher

o            Is Nuclear Power Safe? Spokesman 91; p53-59

o            Book Review – ‘Preparing for Peace’ – Westmorland General Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Spokesman 92; p75-7



o         Book Review- ‘The Decline of American Power: The US in a Chaotic World.’- Immanuel Wallerstein. Spokesman 80; p94-96



o         Book Review- ‘Left Behind’: Peter Kilfoyle and Mo Mowlam’- Julia Langdon. Spokesman 70; p75-77


GOODMAN, Geoffrey

o         Book Review- ‘The TUC: From the General Strike to New Unionism’ – Robert Taylor. Spokesman 70; p68-71


GOWAN, Peter

o         The New American Century? Spokesman 76; p5-22



o         Book Review - ‘Cambridge Scientific Minds’- Peter Harman and Simon Mitton (Eds). Spokesman 76; p85-86



o         Camel Station. Spokesman 75; p16-23

o         These Are The Times. Spokesman 91; p60-65



o         Poem; ‘Nickels and Crime’. Spokesman 81; p2


GYSI, Gregor

o         Justice is Timely. Spokesman 66; p60-79



o         (Interviewed by David BARSAMIAN) UN: Quis custodiet ipsos custodies? Spokesman 90; p28-34


HALL, John

o         Book Review- ‘Atomic Fragments-A Daughter’s Questions’- Mary Palevsky. Spokesman 69; p131-132


HALL, Martin

o         Stop the Ilisu Dam. Spokesman 71; p60-63


HAMPTON, Christopher

o         Three poems. Spokesman 90; p15


HASSAN, Bahey el din

o         ‘War on Terrorism’- War against Human Rights. Spokesman 78; p52-55


HAGEN, Regina

o         War and Peace in Space. Spokesman 70: p34-43


HAWKING, Stephen

o         Is it a War Crime? Spokesman 84; p8



o      Book Review – ‘Depleted Uranium: Deadly, Dangerous and Indiscriminate’ – Anne Gut & Bruno Vitale. Spokesman 85; p93-94



o         Book Review- ‘The State Against Society: Political Crises and their Aftermath in East Central Europe’ – Grzegorz Ekiert. Spokesman 65; p83-83

o         Book Review- ‘ The Twisted Road to Kosovo; Labour Focus on Eastern Europe’ – Peter Gowan. Spokesman 66; p101-102


HOUTART, François

o      There is Another Way. Spokesman 74; p47-51

o      Neoliberalism and Poverty. Spokesman 88; p52-8


Human Rights Watch

o      Solider’s Out of Control. Spokesman 89; p49-58



o         & GILLIGAN, Andrew  (Interview) Official Blackmail? Some Glimpses at the Hutton Inquiry. Spokesman 80; p9-30

o         & BLAIR, Tony & Keys, Reg – ‘Not Fit to be Prime Minister’. Spokesman 86; p13-31


HIRST, David

o         Israel, Iran and Nuclear Weapons. Spokesman 80; p59-62


JAMES, Andrew

o              Book Review – ‘The Mitrokhin Archive II: The KGB and the World’ – Christopher Andrew & Vasili Mitrokhin. Spokesman 91; p93-4


JAMES, David

o              Book Review – ‘Thinking Hands: The Power of Labour in William Morris’ – Phil Katz. ‘William Morris and Red House’ – Jan Marsh.  Spokesman 91; p88-89



o         Book Review- ‘Off the Rails: Britain’s Great Rail Crisis; Cause, Consequence and Cure’- Andrew Murray. Spokesman 73; p89-90



o         NATO’s Mixed Motives. Spokesman 69; p20-30

o         International Justice and Human Rights. Spokesman 70; p44-52


JONES, James

o      Book Review – ‘Thomas Paine’ – Bruce Kuklick (ed). | ‘The Trouble with Tom’ – Paul Collins. Spokesman 90; p77-78



o         Book Review- ‘Weapons in Space’- Karl Grossman. Spokesman 73; p96



o      Book Review – ‘Prime Minister Portillo and Other Things That Didn’t Happen’ – Duncan Brack & Iain Dale (Ed). Spokesman 85; p96



o      Book Review – ‘Magnificent Vision: The Right to Work’ – Alan Whitford. Spokesman 88; p93-4


KAREEM, Hawzheen O.

o         Interview with Noam Chomsky: Remembering History. Spokesman 81; p56-63

KELLY, James:

o         Book Review- ‘The New Social Democracy’- Andrew Gamble and Tony Wright (Eds). Spokesman 69; p134-136



o      Bring the Troops Home. Spokesman 85; p56-63


KENT, Bruce

o         Book Review- ‘Common Sense and Nuclear Warfare’- Bertrand Russell. Spokesman 74; p77-78

o         Vanunu- Free at Last. Spokesman 82; p33-36


KHAN, Irene

o         Dear Mr President… . Spokesman 82; p9-15



o         Book Review- ‘The origins of the cultural Revolution, vol. 3. The Coming Cataclysm 1961-1966’ – Robert MacFarquhar. Spokesman 65; p78-81

o         Book Review ‘Human Rights in Ancient Rome’- Richard A. Bauman. Spokesman 66; p102-105

o         Christopher Hill- A Man with a Mission. Spokesman 79; p60-63



o         Scapegoats and Feral Cats. Spokesman 71; p56-59



o      ‘A Message to New Labour’. Spokesman 87; p27




o         ‘Bertrand Russell’. Spokesman 82; p8

o         ‘Broad Daylight’. Spokesman 83; p5

o         ‘Poem of the Day’. Spokesman 84; p50


KLEIN, Naomi

o         Baghdad Year Zero. Spokesman 84; p25-43

o         The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Spokesman 86; p7-12

o         Precedents for Torture. Spokesman 89; p74-77


KOLKO, Gabriel

o         Iraq, the United States and the End of the European Coalition. Spokesman 79; p11-19

o         Nato: Expanding or Exploding? Spokesman 90; p8-10

o         The World Comes Apart. Spokesman 91; p12-25

o          Crisis of Greed. Spokesman 92; p53-9



o         Procuring Star Wars? A View from the United States. Spokesman 72; p22-25



o         How May Dead? The Lancet Survey of Mortality in Iraq.  Spokesman 84; p9-18



o         National Missile Defence. Spokesman 70; p20-22



o         Book Review- ‘Irak: Qui a gagné?’- Daniel Durand. Spokesman 81; p100-101


LOMAX,  Richard

o      Book Review – ‘The Case Against War: The Essential Legal Inquiries, Opinions and Judgements concerning War in Iraq’ – George Farebrother & Nicholas Kollerstrom. Spokesman 85; p 95-96


LORD Steyn

o         Guantanamo Bay: The Legal Black Hole. Spokesman 81; p12-26



o              Episode in the War Against Error. Spokesman 92; p20



o         Book Review- ‘Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace’- Gore Vidal. Spokesman 77; p81-83

o         Book Review- ‘Barbed Wire: A History’- Olivier Razac. Spokesman 78; p86-88



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