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Zhores Medvedev, the Russian scientist who has lived in Britain for many years, writes on “Polonium-210 in London” in the new issue of The Spokesman. Here is a short excerpt from his article.

“Polonium-210 as radiopoison -- toxicology and radiobiology

The organisers who were behind this operation knew some of the basics of radiobiology. However, they studied only a limited amount of literature, probably via the internet. They were in a hurry. Internet sources do not cover the literature published between 1960 and 1980. In these early studies it was found that polonium-210, if ingested, is very poorly absorbed into the blood stream. Only about five or six per cent of ingested polonium passes through the intestine wall. 90 to 95 per cent is removed via the faeces without any damage. Alfa radiation does not reach the stem cells layer of the intestine. All studies of the toxicity of polonium-210 during the last 20 to 25 years were carried out using intravenous injections. To do otherwise would have been a waste of money. The first poisoning of several men, carried out in the middle of October, was a failure due to insufficient doses. The second attempt was not easy to make. The dynamic of polonium in different tissues, and the results of the post-mortem, might solve the problem of dates. But it is not likely that the results of such a study will be published. Experts have already published the graphs of the possible distribution of polonium-210 in Litvinenko's tissues. When it will be possible to compare them with the real picture, nobody knows.”


Read Dr Medvedev on the death of Alexander Litvinenko and the poisoning of others in The Spokesman (no.96)


























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