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Spokesman is the publishing imprint of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. We publish mainly in the areas of politics, peace and disarmament, and history.

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Spokesman 80
The Strangelove Doctrine
Depleted Uranium
Anne Gut & Bruno Vitale

The Spokesman Journal
founded by Bertrand Russell, is featured on this site.

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"I've just had a chance to read the issue of The Spokesman on Ethical Imperialism. It really is first-rate."
Noam Chomsky

Socialist Renewal
Now into its third series, Socialist Renewal is a series of pamphlets which make powerful interventions in the most pressing debates facing socialists today

We publish several notable titles by Bertrand Russell, including Portraits from Memory and Satan in the Suburbs, a collection of short stories.

Our list includes socialist classics such as The Levellers by H N Brailsford, Eduard Bernstein's Cromwell and Communism; Greek Science and Head and Hand by Benjamin Farrington, and Time the Refreshing River by Joseph Needham.

Second Printing!! - Community Work in the 1990's

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Featured Title - The Making of the Labour Movement.


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