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A Radical Reader: The Struggle 

for Change in England 1381-1914

Edited by 

Christopher HamptonA Radical Reader

This major anthology spans 500 years of radical protest from the Peasants’ Revolt to the First World War.

Provides an alternative political and social history of England.

This is history as creative defiance, as communal action, involving the intellectual and imaginative witnesses of those among the privileged – poets, writers, and thinkers – who have had the strength and courage to make themselves passionate spokesmen for the dispossessed.

Here are passages from More’s Utopia, Hobbes’ Leviathan, Bunyans’ Pilgrim’s Progress, Mary Wollestonecraft’s Vindication of the Rights of Women.  Here, too, are extracts from Wyclif, Shakespeare, Bacon, Milton, Winstanley, Marvell, Swift, Blake, Wordsworth, Cobbett, Byron, Shelley, Dickens and Marx – plus a wealth of hitherto inaccessible documents.

There is something for everybody in Mr Hampton’s 600 pages … A most useful, thought-provoking collection.

Christopher Hill, The Guardian




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Price: £18.00

ISBN: 978 085124 7250

600 pages






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